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Wireless Applications

Working with Wireless Applications, Corp. for your wireless engineering needs promotes a solution-based opportunity to address the critical parts of your network while encouraging both increased levels of accuracy and efficiency. Our solutions help provide the clarity, feasibility, and execution capabilities that can help not only meet your project expectations but could promote future growth, expansion, and optimization for your network to best service your customers.

Wireless Applications Product Capabilities

SSPro - SiteSync Pro - Develop Business Opportunities SSPro - Develop Business Opportunities

Develop Business Opportunities

The wireless industry is changing, evolving and transforming daily. Gaining nationwide visibility into competitive telecom movement to better gauge your next business decision for your company can prove crucial/critical/game-changing to the longevity of your network and company.

SSPro - SiteSync Pro - Manage Projects and Data Manage Projects and Data

Manage Projects and Data

We can take the reins or you can be the driver. Network deployment has never been easier no matter the choice. Using unique data, our licensed data, or a blend of both, you are seconds away from engineering your network buildout expectations/aspirations/ goals.

SSPro - SiteSync Pro - Research Research Icon


Data is critical in making informed decisions about your network build. We provide access to the data needed to confidently build your network–all without leaving your desk.

SSPro - SiteSync Pro - Design and Planning Design and Planning

Design and Planning

Our dynamic engineering functionality paired up with our seasoned best practices allow for you to execute streamlined approaches towards engineering and enable you to question and analyze the critical areas that need more attention. SiteSync Pro will provide a full scale and methodical approach to engineering or you can decide to utilize our services and have our team engineer your network for you!

SSPro - SiteSync Pro Engineering Solutions Engineering Icon


We make engineering "dirt-simple." Our smart tools paired up with our seasoned best practices allow for you to use streamlined approaches towards engineering while still enabling you to question and analyze the critical areas that need more attention. We have created efficiencies to still keep you on schedule and promote high-level analytics and performance of your network.

SSPro - Regulatory Filing Methods Regulatory Filing Icon

Regulatory Filing

You can use our software to submit, track, and verify your filings throughout the lifetime of the filing. You can also rely on us to manage your filings and alert you to changes or expiration deadlines that may come your way. When it comes to filing microwave backhaul and towers, including FAA/FCC, we have the experience and know-how to keep you compliant.

SiteSync Pro - Network Dashboard Capabilities Network Dashboard icon

Network Dashboard

Whether you own the network or need to communicate it to your colleagues, SiteSync Pro is a top choice in visualizing the status and integrity of your network throughout your company. If you decide to use our services, our project management team helps bring together your cross functional teams inside of your company to communicate the latest changes and potential challenges your network may face at any moment.

Case Studies

SSPro - Broadband Deployment and Microwave Backhaul

Wireless network deployments challenges show no mercy when it comes to where we decide to build these networks to meet the needs of the customer. Spanning across the United States and more cost effective than fiber optics, microwave backhaul has been a go-to technology to depend cost saving solutions for engineers and clients alike.

Wireless Applications, Corp. was able to diversify their engineering footprint by establishing a business relationship with one of the leading wireless providers in Alaska. With daylight and weather working against them, the partnership between Wireless Applications, Corp. and their internet service provider partner definitely saw their set of challenges. However, with SiteSync Pro, both engineering teams were able and continue today to work collaboratively to set the blueprint for one of the most resilient networks in some of the most rugged terrain in the United States.

How do they do it? SiteSync Pro provides a collaborative environment where both teams can design and engineer when the weather is not favorable and once the season changes, installation begins! Being able to forecast the opportunity and feasibility of line of sight with the most high resolution datasets have enabled this internet service provider to plan effectively and accurately in the offseason and budget appropriately so that when good weather arises, installation and construction is not a surprise!

Case Studies for SiteSync Pro
SSPro - FAA filing and REgulatory Services

The wireless industry has one common priority ‐ to provide connectivity. Now, wireless connectivity is wide ranging and faster than ever with the ability of connecting not just towers, but now buildings, people, cars, devices, and so much more. As a software and services provider, Wireless Applications, Corp. is held to a higher standard to help to promote enhanced opportunities, accuracies, and efficiencies to accelerate the feasible options to the client and insure that they are the most reliable and resilient networks built nationwide.

Wireless Applications, Corp. has played a pivotal role in partnership with a top-tier nationwide carrier to bring more accuracy and efficiency to evaluating viable microwave backhaul solutions for their nationwide network. Through software training and catered discussions of goals and objectives related to their corporate business strategy, Wireless Applications, Corp. was able to combine streamlined workflows and best practices with their enterprise engineering platform SiteSync Pro so that carrier engineers could confidently engineer microwave links and coordinate with the FCC.

By establishing a client-centric workflow answering the critical needs for deploying their network, our client remains one of the top wireless competitors nationwide and continue to provide dependable coverage for their clients.

Case Studies for SiteSync Pro
SSPro - Broadband Deployment and Microwave Backhaul

Rural communities nationwide are experiencing the widening gap of internet connectivity capabilities as compared to those in urban communities. The lack of resources and access are ever more apparent and stifling their abilities to prosper as a digitally-connected economy. The main issue disabling these communities is budget. Research, engineering, deployment and resources add up to overwhelming cost and expenditure.

Wireless Applications, Corp. is experienced in helping people engineer smarter. We pride ourselves on bringing opportunity, growth, innovation, and productivity to any engineering endeavor. We are accurate. We are efficient. We open the box to consider all options for your network while being mindful of what is important to you and your unique system.

With SiteSync Pro, we can answer the call to telephone co-ops, school districts, rural internet service providers, farmers, and manufacturers alike who are trying to reach their most loyal yet remote customers. We can layout the blueprints and scenarios and let you choose the one that works for you. We help to find those opportunities and make educated decisions and save on engineering costs. We will address capacity and bandwidth requirements, frequency strength and reliability, as well as connection feasibility so that you can meet the needs for your client base.

Case Studies for SiteSync Pro
SSPro - Broadband Deployment and Microwave Backhaul

Wireless is a competitive industry. You have to be the fastest to deploy. You have to be the most accurate and resilient to provide coverage to your customers. You have to be flexible and agile enough to react when your network experiences a temporary outage.

There is no margin of error with low latency networks. That brief second your route is off air or experiencing interference issues could make or break user experience or a costly business transaction. Having the most reliable networks in the United States and even globally separate you from being a player in the industry to being the players in the industry. Wireless Applications, Corp. has had the unique experience to work with these types of wireless engineers to build the fastest and most resilient networks, which in tune has assisted in refining their best practices to deliver top notch services to the rest of their client base. Utilizing the most high-resolution terrain data, equipment specifications catered to this vertical in the industry, as well as pushing the envelope from design to engineering, Wireless Applications has been the chosen partner for these low latency companies for nearly five years.

Through the complimentary pairing of SiteSync Pro and our microwave engineering and coordination services, collaboration between our company and low latency clients have promoted a great deal of teamwork to consider all options for network deployment and even consider some risk in turning microwave links up in these heavily congested areas. The risk has been worth the reward because clients who utilized SiteSync Pro as their planning software at the beginning continue to be the players in this vertical now and will continue to be in the future!

Case Studies for SiteSync Pro
SSPro - Broadband Deployment and Microwave Backhaul

Every day throughout the world, many are affected by natural disasters that can greatly impact the response and rescue from first responders to the area of destruction. Whether it be tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or wildfire, public safety respondents must have the ability to communicate between their task force as well as those they are attempting to rescue.

Natural disasters can easily destroy not only homes and businesses, but critical communications infrastructure instantly. Because of this severe impact, Wireless Applications has the experience and tools to help these entities salvage their infrastructure or help to rebuild quickly and effectively to restore facilities. In 2017, in the wake of Hurricane Maria, Wireless Applications, Corp, came to the rescue of a top internet provider in Puerto Rico where in addition to internet connectivity, electricity was lost. With the ability to research existing towers in the area, identify microwave links that were out of commission/active, and being in direct contact with the engineers in the devastation zone, work was done collaboratively to restore their network in 30 days!

Case Studies for SiteSync Pro Case Studies for SiteSync Pro

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