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Microwave Coordination

Wireless Applications provides microwave coordination services using our powerful software automation coupled with excellent customer service. Whether it is for the frequency bands of 6GHz, 11Gz, 18GHz or 23GHz, many clients trust the experienced team at Wireless Applications to provide fast efficient and personal services for identifying available common carrier frequencies and subsequently processing the licensing with the FCC.


Microwave coordination through Wireless Applications is some of the most high detailed and accurate information our clients depend on to build the most resilient networks nationwide.

From service to pricing, we provide a turnkey service which make coordinating microwave quicker than ever!

Wireless Applications can guide your project through all phases with the following deliverables:
  • Provide a frequency analysis for the client with the ideal frequencies for your path(s).
  • Provide high level path profiles for your path(s).
  • Share coordination status in SiteSync Pro providing near real-time information to the client.
  • Provide all appropriate and accepted FCC documentation for your path(s).
  • Provide protection services for the lifetime of your network.

Our Microwave Coordination Services Approach:

Establishing a Statement of Work

Establishing a Statement of Work
  • Consult with the client about specific requirements for the project and/or analysis.

Site Selection

Site Acquisition
  • User Input from the Client (Lat/Long Provided)
  • Nationwide Dataset of Constructed Towers (FAA/FCC)
  • Tower Company Provided Site Lists

Path Feasibility

Path Feasibility

Assessing Path Clearance

  • Including Fresnel Zones
  • Industry Standard & Custom K Factor
  • Nationwide Weather Data

Utilize Multi-Layer Terrain Modeling Inside of SiteSync Pro

  • Nationwide LiDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) 1-2 meter resolution)
  • DEM (Digital Elevation Model) Data - 10 & 30 meter resolution
  • SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) Data - 30 meter resolution
  • NLCD (National Land Cover Database) Clutter Data - 30 meter resolution
  • Building Data
  • 3D User Created Custom Polygon Obstructions
  • Real-Time 3D Rendered Path Survey

Project Management

manage Projects Assisting companies through the planning stages, design, acquisition, FAA-FCC Filing, and site turn-up our engineers have access to a breadth of efficient tools for both project design and tracking. Our team would also have the ability to integrate the project into SiteSync making all progress secure yet available on the Internet.
  • Help understand and scope out project goals/expectations in partnership with the client.
  • Serve as a liaison between Wireless Applications Engineering Team and the client side engineering team.
  • Schedule regular meetings to update client on network-critical deadlines.

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