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  SiteSync Pro Base Package

SSPro - SiteSync Pro

What you Get

  • RF Propagation and Design
  • Microwave and Portfolio Path Design
  • C4 - Create Conceptual Connection Canvas
  • Multi-Function Structure, Demographics and Propsectus Search
  • eCoverage and RF Propagation with WAC eTool and eReach
  • Search Filed Microwave

Included Services

  • Radio Service Ownership Layouts
  • RF Propagation and Design
  • Microwave Path Design
  • Full Service FAA & FCC
  • Multi-Function Structure Search
  • Software Education, Tutorials, and Support, as well as standard software updates

Single User Subscription 3500/annual

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SSIR Add-Ins

Site Specific Information Reports) are an excellent Location Analysis tool that allows users an in-depth look into a specific location, whether for green field, purchase or sell. Use your Portfolio to select sites, or Drop the Pin. This Add-in component has five key reports that provide a competitive market analysis.

  • CenSync: Census data, traffic counts, business counts and market boundaries
  • BusSync: Densities of business locations within a given area
  • Consolidot Table: A detailed list of sites and proximity
  • SpecSync: Weekly outputs of all Cellular and PCS market ownership.
  • RFSync: A five threshold comprehensive RF plot with a population density report built in
Order Site Specific Information Reports

SSIR Add-In 1 year $1500 /annual


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