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General Questions

Q: You recommend viewing your site in at least 1024x768 resolution. How do I find out what format my display setting is at? How do I change my settings if it is not 1024x768?

You can find out your current display setting in Microsoft Windows by clicking the Start button on the bottom left corner of your screen. In the Start menu bar, select the Settings option. Click the Control Panel and then double-click on the Display icon. In the display settings window, click the Settings tab. In this window, you will see your current display settings, one for color and the other for resolution size.

To change your settings, move your mouse down to the Desktop Area and click on the slide bar selector and hold the left mouse button down. Move your mouse to the right or left until it displays 1024 x 768. If you are unable to see this setting then your monitor/video hardware may not be able to display this resolution (if this is the case consult your monitor's documentation and/or the vendor from which you bought your PC). You may also double check the Color Palette settings located just to the left. Setting your color to display 16 or 32 bit, or 16 million colors will present best viewing.


Q: Will we have to enter duplicate data to use your SiteSync project management product?

A: SiteSync was designed to connect to existing systems even though it is still a full feature software product. Existing staff can either enter their specific department's information right in SiteSync or into their existing systems. For departments that choose to enter information into existing systems, SiteSync can be programmed to scan these systems and import new and updated data. It thus eliminates the duplicate entry potential as much as possible.

Q: Will other departments be able to make changes to my department's data?

A: No. SiteSync is designed with a flexible security feature to allow for specific data control. Departments can select specific security levels down to each employee - from a "read-only" level to an executive level for full analysis and reporting. Your project administrator would work with you to manage access to your data.

FAA Filing

Q: What Maps/files do I recieve when submitting an FAA request?

A: Within 3 days of submitting your FAA Request, you recieve an email with a link to your pdf files. The pdf files include: Opinion Letter, Topographical Map, Aerial Map, NAD Conversion and IFR Computation. If neccessary, glide slopes maps, AM Map, Aeronautical Map and IFR Map are also included. For a zip of sample files click here.

Q: When do I recieve an Opinion Letter?

A: Within 3 days of submitting your information, you will recieve an email with a link to your pdf files.

Q: How long does it take for the FAA to determine a site?

A: The minimum time it takes the FAA to determine a site is 30 days, but it could take longer.

Q: How do I find out if the FAA has determined my site?

A: We will notify you by email when the FAA has determined your site. We will also notify you if any issues come up. You can also check the status of your site in SiteSync.

FCC Filing

Q: What is an FRN Number?

A: The FRN Number is the FCC Registration Number assigned to a company based on their Tax Id Number.

Q: Who can Register?

A: Structure owners who have a valid Tax Id Number or Social Security Number.

Q: What are the requirements for registering a structure?

A: You must have a valid FAA Number and an enviromental impact study.

Q: What are the requirements for filing a Notice Of Construction?

A: You need an FRN Number (FCC Registration Number), Password, ASR Number (Antenna Structure Registration), and a Date Of Construction Completed.

Q: What are the requirements for making an Ownership Change?

A: You must be a current structure owner and have an FRN Number (FCC Registration Number), Password, ASR Number (Antenna Structure Registration), and Date Of Construction.


Q: We already have an existing trouble ticket system. Will your Xwac tie into our system or will we have to make procedural or operational changes to use your product?

A: We designed Xwac with an open-file format to provide seamless integration into your existing operating systems. In most cases we can install Xwac without any major operational or procedural changes and use your existing data, integrating it into the software.

Q: How much does your Xwac product cost?

A: Our Xwac product is a customized software tool and is not offered in a shrink-wrap version, but is still a full-featured software tool. Our pricing varies based on the features you select. Instead of asking you to purchase features that you don't require, we first meet with you to help analyze your company's needs. We then tailor our package features to meet those needs. This way you save money and get exactly what you need.

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