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SiteSync Pro has evolved over the years to bring a solution-based suite of common features that help to address towers, microwave backhaul, spectrum, and radio frequency analysis tools and engineering capabilities so that the user can have one central location to design their network to exact specifications and deployment expectations. Accompanied with highly detailed terrain data (DEM, SRTM, and now LiDAR), population data, multiple map interfaces, and direct access to FAA/FCC/Tower Company information, the user can feel at ease that they have all the critical information needed to engineer a well-thought out and high performance network for the future.

For 20 years, Wireless Applications' philosophy towards traditional engineering has been to enhance the accuracy and credibility of design and engineering while promoting best practices in order to make companies efficient and competitive.

SiteSync Pro is unique in bringing web-based software to the user that is intuitive to learn and easy to navigate resolving every day wireless engineering challenges. SiteSync Pro's components and features allow for the user to quickly identify where they should "live" to accomplish their tasks.

The SiteSync Pro Edge

Benefit One: Increase Accuracy

No matter where you are in the engineering process, SiteSync Pro provides the user with the data and education of "what to consider" for your network. For those in the beginning stages, SiteSync Pro can provide competitive data of where current buildouts are happening nationwide, where legacy assets reside in comparison to the proposed network and possible issues that could infringe on the proposed design.

If the user is in mid-design, they can engineer specific to their LOS potential as well as radio and antenna specifications supplied some of the most common vendors nationwide. It's because of this engineering approach that our clients reach optimal reliabilities instantly and consistently.

Benefit Two: Increase Efficiency

For many companies in the wireless industry, in order to stay competitive, they must engineer and deploy quickly in order to achieve desired performance and dependability goals for their clients and customers. The Wireless Applications team has worked throughout the years to provide refined and innovative practices and processes that are now echoed inside of SiteSync Pro to bring the most simplistic approach to engineering while still honoring traditional methodologies.

SiteSync Pro presents an easy to learn interface that allows the user to import data that is important to them and carry out common engineering best practices to completion. Through detailed terrain data and access to up to date regulatory and equipment data, engineers cut time and costs and are able to engineer their links to their highest accuracy possible.

Features of SiteSync Pro

What Do You Get?
SiteSync Pro Base Package


The Manage Component allows a user to organize and store customized data pertaining to your company. You can upload spreadsheets, save from searches, and organize/manage your projects in order to share your information with other users. As an individual user in SSPro you can set permissions to share data, allowing others in your company to view your data or not. Users can also perform quick data quality analysis with our Pause-n-Fix to make sure that your data is accurate before even starting your analysis and design.



Portfolios allow the user to either upload spreadsheet information or use queried results for later project analysis. From there, the user can grant permissions of viewing and editing of their data for others in their company group. The Portfolio tool allows for the user to do the first "data cleansing" before designing their network. Editing sites in your Portfolios has been termed by WAC as "Pause-n-Fix", and allows users to correct location and metadata for any given location. Enter Entity information for licensing throughout the tool and/or for queries. With Themes, users can color up their sites with visuals for various eye catching results and analysis.

C4 - Create Conceptual Connection Canvas


(Create Conceptual Connection Canvas) C4 allows the user to conceptually design and track their network from a site acquisition view. Taking sites from a Geographic view to a Transport view is as easy as clicking and dragging icons. This tool sets the stage to view, track, and present the latest and greatest updates of your sites and where they are at in the site acquisition lifecycle. As a user you can view your network in either a geographic or IT view to better understand your network the way you want. Users can also share this information internally, or to their clients to better inform them of real time changes in their network. All data remains connected to paths designs or Portfolio data.

Manage SSP - Entity


A address book of sorts, this area allows users to assign and research their own company’s FCC /FAA data or sync’d to filing services. Users can match their FRN data to what was filed with FCC and rename for nick names. Within SSPro users can find pull-down menus listing these Entity names for using as quick Structure, Microwave or other type searches and assignments.

Manage SSP - Themes


Available on the top areas of our mapping, this feature set allows users to identify site dots or paths in the maps for various assignments. Label with site names, IDs or a variety of other fields, or view the thematic views of symbols that were assigned by site types, heights or other unique methods. With the Themes Component, users can build their own theme types or they can be uploaded in the Portfolio load area. The visuals are stunning and extremely useful.


The Search Component is the most dynamic component of the SiteSync Pro software. The user has the ability to search site/tower locations, demographics, and existing microwave paths to understand their study area at a very high level. SiteSync Pro offers searching capabilities that can be very basic or can be very high detailed based on the user’s input criteria. In seconds, you get clean results and can make educational decisions on how best to design your network with your existing data going forward or check out the competition.

SiteSync Pro - Search Structures


The Structures tool enables the user to search through approximately 1 million records of FCC, FCC’s FAA, OEAAA, MW, AM and Tower Companies across the United States. Once the search criteria is entered and ran, the user is provided the results on the map with summary data below it. The records or the dots on the map, can be clicked on for providing detailed information on each site location. Users will notice various sizes of dots on the map. This corresponds to the amount of recorded filings at that location (based on the zoom level), which eliminates map cluttering and easy viewing. Once you have your searched records chosen, you have the ability to save to a portfolio if desired. Users have a advanced search filter area for super queries.

SiteSync Pro - Search Demographics


Demographics can be a highly useful dataset for analyzing where to build next in your network. Users can ‘Drop a pin’ and choose their search radius and by pressing ‘Search’ are quickly presented with a density map showing population by census block. Accompanying this data, the red dots signify businesses within the population polygons. Below the map, you are given a summary of your data findings at your study area.

SiteSync Pro - Search Prospectus


This simple process allows users to get a overall business view of a given area throughout the USA. By selecting a location and running, our analysis returns a search of existing Structures and plots those in 1, 2 and 5 mile rings with old and new records. In addition we provide Census Block Groups by density, Business Locations compiled from approximately 7 million addresses, and research Traffic Counts for the nearby roads.

SiteSync Pro - Search Spectrum


Once in the Spectrum component, users can click a location into the map and get a return search of all owners of frequency bands in the main common carrier areas. Users will see the Radio Service Type, the ownership entities and how much spectrum they own.

SiteSync Pro - Search Structures

Search Filed Microwave:

One of the more robust areas of our SSPro, searching for existing networks from the common carrier Microwave Bands has never been easier. Search from rings, frequencies, entities and/or callsigns to view existing licensed networks or even Pending applications. See potential business opportunities for your services or plan off your new links from existing hubs. These outputs can be pushed into full View Save Paths or exported for other various uses. Click to see path direction, filing details or view the graphed summary for path lengths and channels.


The Microwave Component area provides from basic to advanced network planners the opportunity to design simple to complex networks worldwide. Generally users will load existing paths or site locations into Portfolios, then analyze their individual designs in the VSP area. Designed paths can even be shared from within to other users in your company group of SSPro per path, or pushed to C4 as Grouped systems.

SiteSync Pro Microwave - Basic Path Design

Basic Path:

SiteSync Pro is a platform to create a commonplace to communicate microwave link design between new and seasoned engineers. For those new to microwave engineering, Basic Path provides an introductory approach to building a very high level link design without investing too much time and effort. The user can elect to input lat/longs, addresses, or portfolio data points for their two tower locations and within moments can see their LOS scenario for that path. The user can see instantly how the multiple terrain layers can identify problem areas within the path or whether the path has the "all clear." It provides a "first view" of the potential for their link and if they like the opportunity they can then further engineer that link in order to obtain their link budget reliability for coordination and licensing

SiteSync Pro Microwave - Advanced Path Design

Advanced Path Design:

One of our most used our microwave component area, this is where the designs for individual paths are made. Pull your A to B locations in from TNT2, Portfolios, Search MW, Basic Paths or manually enter your coordinates. This robust engineering planning tool allows users to pull from hundreds of frequencies, antennas or equipment vendors for their Linkbudget tuning. See easy to understand modeling for Terrain Profiles! Make Templates for automation of cookie cutter systems, quick and easy.

SiteSync Pro Microwave - View Saved Paths

View Saved Paths:

The dashboard for all of the user’s designed paths. Querying out groups, names, networks, bands or other various types of for the company or associated support for the entities. This is the area where engineers save their designs of full path profile designs with Linkbudgets. From this one area users are able to see entire system builds being studied, and then modify, run individual edits, visualize in the unique mapping or export into a number of formats or push to WAC for coordination. View details of paths, summaries or click to view the full Advanced Path Design. Pushing groups to C4, or other processes within SSPro.

SiteSync Pro TNT3 - Path Design  Playground

Path Design Playground:

Known internally as our ‘Playground’, this section of SSPro allows users to select out Scenarios contained within your TNT projects and run entire ‘what if’ link budgets from Templates made from within your Advanced Path Design area. By pulling down a Scenario and trying a Template, SSPro runs all your ‘green/yellow’ TNT paths through a temporary Linkbudget calculation to view how your system will fair once going further into the design process. Showing the user the number of 9’s as they are referred to, (ie 99.999%) per path, users can then decide to push directly into a Group within their View Save Path’s area in one fell swoop!

RF Propagation:

The Coverage Prediction Radio Frequency Component. Many clients just want to see what the typical coverage at a certain location looks like without needing to be an expert or buy yet another engineering software product and our RF Propagation component answers to it. With simple to enter inputs, Wireless Applications has made prediction modeling simple, yet still keeping the complexities of the generation at high level.

SiteSync Pro RF Propagation - New Site

New Site:

Known internally as our ‘Playground’, this section of SSPro allows users to select out Scenarios contained within your TNT projects and run entire ‘what if’ link budgets from Templates made from within your Advanced Path Design area. By pulling down a Scenario and trying a Template, SSPro runs all your ‘green/yellow’ TNT paths through a temporary Linkbudget calculation to view how your system will fair once going further into the design process. Showing the user the number of 9’s as they are referred to, (ie 99.999%) per path, users can then decide to push directly into a Group within their View Save Path’s area in one fell swoop!

Included in the SiteSync Pro engine are two tools that are available throughout your experience. WAC eTool and eReach allows users very powerful query capabilities and MW evaluations in quick order!

SiteSync Pro Add-Ins (Additional Costs Apply)

SiteSync Pro TNT3 Add-In

SiteSync Pro TNT3


Users must add the exclusive Network Tool (TNT3) into their SSPro accounts to enable super powerful planning and ‘what-if’ scenario microwave design product. Whether you are running an RFP, your own system or building on to an existing backhaul network, TNT3 allows you to pull in hundreds of locations and have it produce a viable system in seconds, yes, seconds!

SiteSync Pro TNT3 - Design Path Playground

Portfolio Path Clearance:

For years, wireless companies have engineered their links with the intent of only engineering them once and only working on them if the equipment has ran its course or they have received communication that the service is down. Many times other factors can change the performance of the link or the entire network. With Portfolio Path Clearance, (formally known as Portfolio LOS), you can pull a new or even existing network within a Portfolio of paths and run those case scenarios with specific frequencies and terrain. SiteSync Pro will then run all those links and output all the Line-Of-Sight data showing clearance and distances. The best part is that SiteSync Pro will do all the analysis for you in one easy step!

SiteSync Pro TNT3 - Search Ring LOS

Search Ring LOS:

(Line of Sight) Search Ring LOS takes sites that may be thought to be unreachable and/or too far away from fiber locations. The user makes two Portfolio databases, one with the sites they want to reach, the other with all available sites. Based on user parameter input, terrain data, and preferred frequency, Search Ring LOS will take moments to tell the user which sites have connectivity and which do not. Push those to Basic or Adv Path design to move forward. Search Ring LOS is the chosen feature to consider all options and resources available for the user!

SiteSync Pro GeoTel Fiber Layer Add-In

SiteSync Pro - Search Structures


One of the best data layers we have seen for a nationwide set, the folks at GeoTel have given WAC unique rights to display and query inside SSPro. More than 300 entities of Fiber and thousand of Lit-buildings, this is one Add -In users of the Telecom world should not go without. Adding this layer in combination with your backhaul microwave or RF build-out can make for some extreme timeline efficiencies and decision making! Data display is limited in viewing at street level and at approximately 7 miles while zooming out.

SiteSync Pro CoreLogic Parcels Add-In

SiteSync Pro CoreLogic Parcels Add-In


Corelogic Parcels data layer is the most comprehensive database of land ownership in the United States. Formerly known as First American Title, CoreLogic is comprised of over 100 million records that bring the user the most complete dataset of land ownership available. WAC has not only intergraded this Add-In, but has made a unique system to check not one, but two mega databases within CoreLogic for gathering entire Portfolios of site location data within seconds. Run full research to gather in-depth land ownership information on your sites!

SiteSync Pro FAA/FCC Filings/Tracking

SiteSync Pro FAA/FCC Filings/Tracking


The FAA Tracker is the ideal regulatory platform for tower companies to easily submit and track their tower asset portfolio. A compliment to the Wireless Applications Regulatory Services, the FAA Tracker has served as a comprehensive solution for users to easily maintain the compliance for towers they own in a streamlined fashion. With an easy to use submittal interface, complete airspace analysis, PDF reports, and status get initialized. Users can input site information for their structures or bulk load from a Portfolio. Once in the system, their assets can be displayed thematically based on Regulatory Status and clicked for all documents corresponding to that filing. Users can immediately identify urgency and priority for their towers so that they can get their structures approved in the most timely manner possible.

SiteSync Pro SSIR Location Analysis

SiteSync Pro SSIR - Site SPecific Informational Reports


(Site Specific Information Reports) are an excellent Location Analysis tool that allows users an depth look into a specific site they are researching, whether for green field, purchase or sell. This Add-in component has five key reports that provides a competitive market analysis. CenSync: Census data, traffic counts, business counts and market boundaries are some of the import information located in this report. BusSync: This reports compliments the CenSync report by showing the densities of business locations within a given area. Consolidot Table: The competitive summary report also compliments the CenSync report by giving a detailed list of sites and proximity. SpecSync: This report provides weekly outputs of all Cellular and PCS market ownership. RFSync: This report provides a five threshold comprehensive RF plot with a population density report built in.

SiteSync Pro in Action

Integrating Isolated Sites Into Backhaul Network EcoSystem

Wireless Applications has been working exclusively with a tier-1 carrier to assist them in finding reliable connectivity solutions for their microwave backhaul network. Wireless Applications was first approached with the request of providing a solution-based software engineering capability to conduct initial feasibility studies, extensive engineering functionality, and capabilities to organize their projects to monitor engineering and regulatory issues that were to be addressed during the deployment process.

Strategic Engineering for High Speed Networks

Wireless Applications has extensive experience in working with nationwide financial institutions to keep them highly competitive in the trading space. In working with these particular firms, our engineers have become very experienced and talented in always achieving the best performance for their network infrastructure, even in the most challenging of geographic locations and encountering of difficult variables to consider.

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