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When navigating through the FCC microwave licensing requirements, Wireless Applications has the staff and the tools to provide you an excellent experience. As a trusted partner to many owners of licensed paths, our team processes thousands of paths each year.

Wireless Applications provides microwave coordination services using our powerful software automation coupled with excellent customer service. Whether it is for the frequency bands of 6GHz, 11Gz, 18GHz or 23GHz, many clients trust the experienced team at Wireless Applications to provide fast efficient and personal services for identifying available common carrier frequencies and subsequently processing the licensing with the FCC.

A typical microwave coordination service for a licensed FCC microwave link involves the following process. Our team will identify an interference free set of frequencies within the desired band and share the results with our client. Next the team creates the Prior Coordination Notice (PCN) and sends it to all required licensed owners within the ‘keyhole’ geography. The FCC rules permit either a 30 day or a 15 day expedited window for neighboring microwave path owners to raise any objections or questions. The Wireless Applications team will address each of these responses on your behalf, exchanging technical details and calculations with other microwave link licensees to resolve or mitigate all potential issues. Once the review period is over and all issues are cleared, Wireless Applications will file your microwave path license with the FCC.

A seamless experience involves a client sharing their microwave path design details and then our team does all the footwork until the license is granted with the FCC. With Wireless Applications tools and our commitment to our customers, we have an excellent history of meeting this ideal. Our customers often report that Wireless Applications provides the best service that they have ever experienced.

Call us today and we can show our process and demonstrate our software.

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