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Site Specific Informational Reports Overview

Site Specific Informational Reports (SSIRs) provide a comprehensive evaluation of your locations.

These reports portray business density, spectrum ownership, population census information, and competitive structure locations. They provide a numeric rating between one and ten for intuitive location comparison.

There are two ways to request SSIRs. The first is by contacting us and letting us know which ones you are interested in. The second is to use SiteSync and have a more hands on approach, using the tool yourself. In either option the SSIRs will be available for download as a pdf. For smaller requests you have the option of receiving them via email.

Download a pamphlet about SSIR here.

Location Analysis        
Excel Executive Summary Output Sample PDF        
Competitive Tower & Census Summary Sample PDF  
Competitive Tower Data Sheet Sample PDF  
Business Density Analysis Sample PDF  
FCC Frequency Ownership Information Sample PDF  
RF Matrix Rating Analysis Sample PDF      
Park, Ports, and Recreation No PDF Available      
Microwave Potential No PDF Available      
RF Coverage Analysis Sample PDF    
RF Propogation - Cellular and PCS No PDF Available      
System Coverage Analysis No PDF Available        
Location Maps          
Full Page Site Locale Sample PDF  
Full Page Topo Map Sample PDF        
Full Page Aerial Map Sample PDF        
Full Page Aerial Topo Combo Sample PDF        
Full Page Ortho Photo Sample PDF        
Prospectus Report No PDF Available        
Promotional Portfolio Report - Data Sample PDF  
Promotional Portfolio Report - Demographics Sample PDF  
Terrain to Nearest City/Highway No PDF Available        
Site Characteristics Sample PDF      
Airport Analysis No PDF Available      
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