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How the API suite works: Your site code includes simple “calls” to the Wireless Applications servers. Responses are returned in a flash to be displayed in your site in real time.
Introducing our suite of web service Telecom Application Programming Interface (API). Use this service for performing telecom infrastructure analysis within your site. Carriers, Tower companies, Web App programmers and Wireless Service Providers alike can immediately begin amping up their software with power from the Wireless Applications’ cloud service.

“We’re offering our family jewels to the general public”, said Eric Wills, CEO/ President of Wireless Applications, Corp., “Now companies throughout our industry can integrate our powerful software for RF Propagation modeling in 15 seconds, or send calls for Microwave path profiling, Tower Searching and Spectrum Ownership Analysis! Within minutes you can begin to realize these features in your software and/or site.”

Professional and powerful telecom analysis and design software functions may now easily integrated into your site with our web service API suite. Sign up for a free dev key and begin immediately seeing how easy it is to integrate these powerful functions in your software. Included in the developers homepage are samples of PHP, C#, JavaScript and even Objective C for those popular phone apps. There is an assortment of simple examples of telecom functions and map integration. Capture more web-surfers and ultimately more bottom line revenue for your company.

Bottom line, you can now capture more web-surfers and ultimately more bottom line revenue for your company. Using this API is simple and straight forward. Programmers need only to make simple web service calls to realize the powerful computational features hosted on our server farm.

Sign up today for a free development key and see how easy it is to add these features to your website!

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