The SiteSync Platform
The SiteSync Platform

The SiteSync Platform, designed specifically for the wireless and telecom industry, enables full management of structure inventory - OmniSync; this includes FCC / FAA Regulatory tracking, and build out management. View terrain profiles between points and design microwave networks with eMwave, research existing structures with PowerSearch, check filing status and discrepancies, perform Spectrum Analysis, run location reports (SSIRs) and perform integrated RF design with eCoverage. All of this is packaged with a powerful Internet mapping interface.

The Network Tool 2

TN2 is a revolutionary new automated microwave backhaul design application. Hosted on SiteSync Pro, this powerful online software tool allows telecom engineers to upload a set of potential sites, input the design criteria parameters, and then the software generates a network design layout in a FLASH! Designers can then analyze, revise and rerun scenarios to refine the results.

Site Specific Informational Reports
Site Specific Informational Reports

SSIRs provide location analysis and executive summaries on individual sites. Evaluate any location in the U.S.A. – get a competitive tower and census summary, check FCC frequency ownership information, and review your site’s business density analysis. Purchase SSIR packages one location at a time or many locations at once.

Xwac - Customer Service Mapping

XWAC is a web-based customer trouble ticket management tool for your call center, providing real time geographic tracking. Place a trouble ticket easily with the location’s address, GPS, or by navigating the application’s map interface. View site status across the country, along with your system coverage.

FREE Annual Calendar
FREE Annual Calendar

How would you like to have a 3D high-resolution poster calendar on your wall? It is 24” x 36” …and free! Put on the complementary 3D glasses and rest easy knowing that our country is, in fact, above sea level!

Colowars - Producing Data with Strategy

Our new interactive tower location activity. This activity familiarizes you with tower industry issues, and earns you Credits to redeem in our tools for real stuff. The more interaction, the more credits you earn. Credits can be used for SSIRs about your locations, or used in SiteSync to perform RF Propagation, Microwave Path Analysis, and more.

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